Malo misto ( A Small Town)


Our old coastal cities and small towns are like old friends. Younger one looking up to the older one. The same construction plan. The same narrow streets (kale). The same main square (pjaca) with a church. The same port, or at least a small mandracchio, a sheltered harbor with fishing boats rocking on the sea. In a small town, everything looks like in a big town, but everything is smaller and warmer, more romantic.

Malo Misto - A Small Town


Small towns are special communities with their own unique rules, customs, and culture. In small towns, sounds of the daily humdrum, shouting, laughter, and crying, are part of everyday life. But nights are calm and quiet, peaceful, and mild.


Most such places lie on the Mediterranean coast. Their small boats, fishermen, lazy cats, olive trees, and all that characterize the Mediterranean attract millions of tourists.


Unfortunately, these small settlements are often transformed into tourist centers, thus losing their ‘small town’ spirit. However, there are still small towns that manage to preserve the colors, tastes, sounds, and identity of the Mediterranean as it once was. Those towns keep attracting attention by remaining what they are and what they should be.


You can see what these “small towns” looked like and what they look like today in Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, and other Mediterranean movies. To take a peek inside them, just watch one of the masterpieces like Bonjour tristesse (1958), L’avventura (1960), Mediteraneo (1991). In those movies, you can find many symbols and expressions that appear in the book  “Mediterranean armerun – Adriatic letters and images“. 


There is even an old Croatian television series that shows exceptionally what a “small town” is and what authentic life in such places looked like. It’s the series “Naše Malo Misto (Our Small Town)” by the Mediterranean author Miljenko Smoje.


If you really want to feel the smells, hear the sounds, see the traditional, old Mediterranean, find a small place, and book accommodation. Experience the Mediterranean as it once was.