Ivana and her team are always there for you but never pushy and offer everything you could wish for. The flight is delayed, and the last ferry is gone? Then you will be picked up at the airport and taken to the island by speedboat. You don’t feel like going shopping right after your arrival? Then the accommodation is already equipped according to your wishes! Individually designed, private tours, and so much more.

After our very late dinner, they brought us to the villa, and I was impressed how all my problems had vanished into thin air. These guys solved any little problem we had. Do you need to rent a car? No problem, we’ll get one in Zadar and bring it to you on the island. You’d like to do a boat trip? No problem. We’ll come to the dock below the villa and pick you up. Do you need a transfer back to the airport? No problem. We’ll arrange the van and the ferry; keep an eye on your luggage. You go to Zadar and have fun.