Want to Get Married in Croatia? Let Us Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding.
by Ivana Surać

Want to Get Married in Croatia? Let Us Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding.

Picture this: you are walking down the aisle toward the man of your dreams. Your loved ones are sitting on either side, swooning over how stunning you look with your perfect make-up and gorgeous dress.

The smell of the sea fills the air, while the breeze carries the soft sound of The Bridal Chorus over the Adriatic and towards the horizon…

Doesn´t this sound dreamy?

Of course it does.

However, organising a wedding – let alone a destination wedding – is an absolute nightmare. The list of things to do is never-ending.

Find the perfect venue, the best photographer, the most talented florists, an amazing band or DJ, an exceptional hairdresser and an even better make-up artist.

Just listing those things takes our anxiety level up a notch. Throw in a foreign country as your destination wedding location to the mix, and it´s bound to get messy – faster than you can say “I do.”

Well, if you have chosen Croatia as your destination wedding location, you have impeccable taste.

But did you know that you can also skip straight ahead to walking down the aisle without all the stress? It’s true.

“How?” you might ask.

Well, not sure if you’ve heard, but our team at Feel Croatia has a not-so-hidden talent for seamless event planning. Just whisper your ultimate wedding wishes to us and watch your dream destination wedding become a reality.

You can already feel all that pressure just evaporating out the window, can’t you?

We Will Find You Your Dream Wedding Venue in Croatia

Securing the perfect location for your wedding is by far one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. The venue sets the tone of the wedding: will it be an opulent wedding hall exuding glamour or a Croatian beach location promising everlasting love for all you romantics out there?

Whatever you want is what we´ll find.

From visiting wedding venues and talking to the owners to booking the venue for your big day and discussing all the details, we are entirely involved in the process. Your only task is to say I want that one while sipping your margarita.

Don´t Worry about the Vendors. We will Take Care of It.

A wedding is not a one-man show. While the bride and groom are undoubtedly the stars of the day, many others are involved in bringing a wedding to life. Photographers and videographers, florists, waiters, musicians, cooks… all these people will give your wedding their own touch. That is why selecting the ones who fit your wedding aesthetics perfectly is essential.

Due to our extensive network of trusted people, we will be able to connect you to vendors who will help you conjure your dream wedding into reality. Our vendors are the best in the business and have been involved in organising countless luxurious weddings in Croatia.

Securing the Best Accommodation in Croatia for You and Your Guests

Once the venue and vendors have been decided, it’s time to look for appropriate accommodation for you and your wedding guests. A luxury villa in Croatia should do the trick. We have a whole catalogue of luxury villas for rent in Croatia, which offers only the finest properties on the Adriatic coast.

A luxury villa offers enough indoor and outdoor space for your guests to comfortably mingle with each other while retaining their personal space. Furthermore, such accommodations are built on secluded estates offering you total privacy on your big day.

A bonus is the fact that those are exclusive estates in Croatia, which more often than not feature a breath-taking panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea, frequently from its private pool. Another perk worth mentioning is the villa services available at all of our villas.

Assembling Your Personal Glam Squad

A wedding celebration is at its core a celebration of love, a celebration of two people who have found happiness and comfort in each other. It is considered one of the happiest days in a person´s life, so naturally, we want you to look and feel your best on that special day. We at Feel Croatia will help you achieve just that by assembling your personal glam squad.

Enjoy a relaxing massage with your soon-to-be spouse the night before the big day to get your nerves in check. Then, in the morning, get whisked away by a team of professional make-up artists and hairdressers who will ensure not a hair is out of place and you look perfect from every angle.

Personalised Approach and a Tailor-Made Wedding Experience

Throughout the whole wedding planning process, it is you who is in charge. We are taking the burden and stress of planning a wedding in Croatia off your shoulders. However, it is still your vision of a dream wedding we will turn into reality.

Our personalised approach to every single client ensures a tailor-made wedding experience of the highest level. So tell us your wedding vision or create a mood board and watch as the envisioned wedding of your dreams takes shape in front of your eyes.

Enjoy a luxury destination wedding in Croatia stress-free.

Let your only concern be whether you should go for the natural bridal make-up look or the classic Hollywood glam style with a pop of red lipstick. Take amazing pictures with the turquoise Adriatic Sea as your backdrop without any traces of fatigue on your face.

Want to get an insight into what a wedding planned by us looks like?

Check out our Villa Petra Pag as just one of the many possibilities we offer when organising a destination wedding in Croatia. While you´re at it, you might be interested in our other villas for rent in Croatia and tie in your honeymoon experience as well.

Don’t let the most magical day of your life get overshadowed by the hassle and anxiety of planning every single detail.

Let the Feel Croatia team do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve got perfection down to an art.

Curious about our other services? Visit our Feel Croatia Concierge website for more info.