Why choose Zadar and luxury villas for your business clients? Zadar – the main target for MICE tourism & B2B
by Ivana Surać

Why choose Zadar and luxury villas for your business clients? Zadar – the main target for MICE tourism & B2B

MICE (also known as the meeting industry and events industry) is travel with business in mind.

For developing industries, MICE is more than a meeting. Organized events, vacations for teams, and conferences move the industry forward and incentivize your employees.

Dedicating time and place for connecting with others and sharing visions for the company opens up more space for progress.

A destination where conferences take place matters.

The same location where teams can recharge and feel appreciated has to be transformed into space for essential events for the organization.

What is MICE exactly and what makes Zadar an ideal destination where the greatest industry professionals should connect?

Let’s find out.

Get to know Zadar: Where is Zadar in Croatia?

The city of Zadar is situated at the center of the Adriatic coast. As one of the most developed cities in Dalmatia with highly connected transport infrastructure, it’s considered the most important administrative-territorial unit of Zadar County. The Adriatic main road passes through the city which is also linked to the A1 highway. Another essential connection is an international ferry line to the Italian city of Ancona. Zadar Airport is located in Zemunik, 10 km east of the city.

Tourism is one of the main economic branches here. A wealth of breathtaking beaches, luxury restaurants, entertainment venues, mouth-watering Mediterranean food and excellent wine warrant an unforgettable experience in Zadar.

For culture connoisseurs, the city offers rich historical heritage behind the remains of the Roman Forum, the church of St. Donat and unique installations such as Sea Organ and Sun Salutation. Overall, Zadar is an excellent destination for business and MICE tourism.

What is MICE tourism and B2B?

MICE tourism stands for meetings, incentive travel, conferences and exhibitions. Nowadays, MICE tourism is an integral part of the business tourism industry.

Let’s say you want to organize a meeting, conference or event with your business clients or your company’s associates in another country or city. While doing so, you become part of MICE tourism. Programs offered via this type of tourism result in a successful business because they combine work and leisure for the best results. Reward your successful employees and dedicated partners with incentives and they will reciprocate it twice-fold.

With today’s advances in technology and science, digital business and online work are evolving. B2B stands for online business and the exchange of goods between two companies. Expand your horizons and take your organization to the next level today!

A Combination of Vacation and Work

Exceptional transport infrastructure, pleasant climate and a rich historical and cultural background make Zadar an ideal destination for doing business. Both digital nomads and experienced business event organizers can find suitable options for their companies.

The Feel Croatia agency has joined forces with a number of handpicked luxury villas (Villa BiBiSea, Villa Sea Star, Villa Petra, Villa Maluja, Villa NAI 3.3, Villa Bura, Villa Jugo). Together, we’re working on creating an easily accessible combination of vacation opportunities and workspaces for businesses. Whether you want to run your business, organize various corporate events or team building for your workers, we can provide you with a modern luxury villa that caters your exact needs.

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The Benefits of Renting a Villa in Croatia for Business Events

Luxury villas are at the heart of corporate programs, strategic planning, incentive programs, conferences, team building, VIP programs or events, business retreats or executive meetings. We offer the incentive of organised travel, whether its purpose is employee appreciation, motivation for top-performing manufacturers, successful negotiations with managers for strategic planning or a bonus for your elite customers. Our customisable travel program compliments your business style and meets your objectives.

The combination of contemporary interior, nature and serene landscapes create ideal conditions for work and enjoyment. Besides spacious and modern rooms and bathrooms inside the villas, you’ll find a workspace for you and your clients. Large rooms within luxury villas are the focal points for productive meetings and ideal spaces to host spectacular events.

Active and productive days should be followed by serene evenings. The holiday villas at our disposal have everything you or your business partners might need to truly unwind. Relax in spacious villas while watching your favourite show on your flat-screen TV, read a book on the sunset terrace or release tension in the jacuzzi. For those that prefer to replenish their energy levels with other people, we can organize a barbecue, football/basketball (in villas that have a playground), billiard or mini golf.

Our concierge team is available to take care of any issues that may arise while you work or rest in the best villas in Croatia. We bring you authentic experiences and a worry-free holiday with our dedicated customer service led by hospitality and tolerance. Luxury concierge services complete our services and ensure that you have everything you need while closing business deals and brainstorming powerful ideas that will change your industry.

Additionally, our concierge services include a private chef, catering, beauty treatments, massages and spa treatments. All these services are available within the comfort of your holiday villa in Croatia. For teams fond of outdoor activities, we can organize fun-filled adventures and hiking tours near Zadar or visits to some of the most awe-inspiring national parks. Many teams recharge with yoga or a private boat ride with a tour of the beautiful islands surrounding Zadar.

Zadar is Your Ideal B2B Event Location

Carefully curated luxury holiday villas perfect business events, the vibrant city of Zadar and the balmy Mediterranean climate are all irresistible flavors which make for a perfect recipe of unforgettable experiences for both you and your clients.

Choose our agency Feel Croatia – and truly feel it, with all your senses.